The creation of: Alex Dong TaiChi

Userflows, Wireframes, Mockups, HTML/CSS/jQuery

Master Alex Dong Website


"I want a website that allows new students to learn about Master Alex Dong and see class schedules. I want current students to see upcoming workshops, purchase dvds and books, and read about current updates with Master Alex Dong"


With a userflow, I got a quick idea on what I needed to design and build for this site.

For new potential students, I wanted the landing page to show the history of Master Alex Dong to get them interested along with a class schedule to see if it fits their schedule. Current students can skip the homepage and just go straight to Store, Blog, and check upcoming Workshops.


With wireframes completed, I was ready to start the design.


Designing the mockups, I had multiple mockups and ideas on how I wanted the page to look.


I code the website from scratch using HTML/CSS and a little bit of jQuery. I used Sass and always code with mobile thinking first to make sure the website is responsive.

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