Lease File Audits

Lease File Audits are painful and time consuming

Property management companies initiated Lease File Audits by manually looking at each lease and comparing it to the information they have with their PM software. This process took a lot of time and effort that required multiple employees. User errors were common when lease file audits were done manually.

Learning from Users

Instead of manually looking at each lease and comparing it to the information they have, our users were looking for a solution that allows our system to automate this process. They wanted to be able to compare anything and everything, along with the ability to be able to see an overall view of how each property was doing

From Idea to Results

I planned and facilitated a design sprint with Developers, sales, support, and upper management. We started the day by asking questions we wanted to solve. We keep these questions in mind to answer during the sprint.

What Was Our Long-Term Goal?

We were looking for a solution to simplify the process. Instead of assigning manual file reviews that took days, we wanted Lease File Audits to do the heavy lifting. As a team, we decide that the core functionality would be to compare existing data within the Property Management System to the data within Blue Moon lease documents, finding discrepancies in everything from simple name misspellings to security deposits, rent amounts and more.

What Is Considered Success?